Tails of Connection Challenge

Experience the magic of working with your dog for five minutes a day, through this self-guided video e-course. Whether you're new to training or more advanced, this is an opportunity to find joy through connection. (BTW if you're looking to give the challenge to a friend as a gift, click here. For the Camp TOC page, click here.
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14-Day Challenge: Train for Five Minutes a Day

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What Will I Learn?

It’s our dream that you and your dog have fun together, and this is just the beginning. When you buy the challenge, you will get access to a standalone video e-course. In our short challenge videos that you’ll access by logging in here, we’ll teach you a new skill to work on with your dog each day. Through those daily lessons, we’ll share larger concepts to better equip you to work with your dog when the challenge ends. 
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It's 14 Days but There's Really No Pressure!

The point of the challenge is to have fun working with your dog for five minutes a day. But don’t worry, you will have access to all of the content for the foreseeable future, so you are free to move at your own pace. Still want to know more about how the challenge works?
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We're in This Together

When you join our challenge, you'll also become a member of our #TOCFamily. We can't wait to learn from you and celebrate you and your dog on Instagram and in our private Facebook group (optional). The password to the group is in the confirmation email that you'll receive when you purchase the challenge. Since the official March challenge window is now over, we will not be posting in our Facebook group as frequently, but you will still be able to post and see all of the challenge member posts (under units) and we will be sure to comment in there from time to time!

Reviews of the Challenge

I have a lot of work ahead of me but this challenge really has opened my eyes to what my girls need. I joined thinking "eh, why not?" And it's going to be life changing for all of us. 
Jordan McAllister, Willow and Sadie's Human
I was delighted to see Christie offer multiple ways to teach what we were doing. I really liked how she showed how to break things down. I was also pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the interaction with other people and dogs in the challenge. It was neat to see us all doing the same thing and each other’s successes and stumbling blocks.
Leslie Hardy, Stella Gene’s Human
Some days I was having a hard time (not challenge wise, just having a bad day) and doing the challenge completely changed my mood. It was like therapy! I was anxious, or sad or frustrated and after the challenge I'd be laughing and happy and in a better mood in general.
Daniela Rosenblat, Emmet and Emmy’s Human

Still Have Questions About the Challenge?

We did our best to answer all of your challenge questions in our FAQ section. 
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